Zen Luxury Extensions are delighted to introduce their brand new NANO I-TIPS and NANO WEFTS exclusively to their Luxury Series for 2022!

The new Nano products are a welcome addition to the Luxury Series and are already in high demand from salons. Johnny Yip, Zen’s MD said, “Consumers are always looking for more discreet and almost invisible hair extension application methods, so our new Nano products will deliver this along with the superior quality that Zen hair already provides.”

Luxury Series NANO I-TIP

The Zen Hair Nano I-Tips are fitted with Zen Nano Rings to provide the most discreet and compact attachment available. The Nano I-Tips have a tiny, soft nylon polymer tip protruding from the extensions strands, which are inserted into the minuscule alloy coated rings. These rings are then compressed around the hair using the Zen professional micro-ring pliers, to form a plush, firm and almost invisible attachment.

The secondary benefit of Zen Hair’s new Nano I-Tips is that they are easily removable using the professional hand tool and then reattached, with new Nano Rings. This means that the extensions can be re-used multiple times throughout the lifespan of the hair extensions. 

Available in the Zen Luxury Series only, the new Nano I-Tips are currently available in 18” and 22” lengths and in 19 of Zen’s most popular colours. These are available in pack of 50 strands with each strand containing 0.6g to 0.9g of Zen Luxury hair.

From £44.00 per pack

Luxury Series NANO WEFT

The Zen Hair Nano Weft is a refined version of their Ultimate Series Weft, which has virtually invisible tracking allowing the hair to lay flat to the head. The Nano weft utilises polyurethane tracking which not only is extremely strong and discreet but also prevents shredding and return hair when cutting down to size.

The Zen Nano Weft can be sewn in or like the Nano I-Tips can be fitted with Micro Rings allowing for a seamless blend to provide your clients the most natural looking and luxurious results. And like the Nano I-Tips. the Nano Wefts can be removed and reattached multiple times.

Available in Zen Luxury Series only, the new Nano Wefts are 18” long by 90cm in width and come in 25 of Zen’s most popular colours. Each Nano weft contains 88g of Zen Luxury hair.

From £150.00 per pack

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