Zen Ambassadors
Zen Ambassador Event


On Monday 5th September, Zen hosted their first UK Brand Ambassador event at the Radisson Hotel in Birmingham city centre. 

Welcoming 12 of their regional Brand Ambassadors from as far afield as Cornwall to Aberdeen, this informal gathering was designed by the Zen team to not only discuss new brand and product developments but also to get valuable brand feedback from key salon clients, who are using the Zen products every day.

Managing Director of Zen Johnny Yip said, “These brand ambassadors are key clients of Zen but unlike normal industry brand ambassadors, we do not impose brand exclusivity on them which helps us evaluate Zen’s standing in their businesses.” He added, “As a result, we get unbiased feedback on the quality of our brand, products and the service we offer our clients, which I was very pleased to hear continues to be excellent.”

The Brand Ambassadors are selected based on the volume of Zen products they regularly purchase along with their high levels of social media activity. Johnny said, “These Ambassadors are extremely active on social media giving their audiences insights to their creativity with extensions. We want to support them as much as possible by continuing to provide the best extension products available in the UK.”

The delegates were invited for a meet-and-greet meal on Sunday evening before spending a full day at the event on Monday. They were joined by Zen’s Head of Training Simon Stainton who offered further training advice along with multi-award winning Zen extension stylist Bozena Sarek and session stylist Stacie WJ who offered insights, styling tips and advice.  


Zen also created an RND activity with a ‘Dragon’s Den’ theme whereby the delegates got into teams and were given a box of miscellaneous hair samples,  prototypes, fringes, ponytails, volumisers, toppers and clip hair. The delegates had 30 mins to come up with something interesting and innovative in the way they attached and utilised these samples and then pitched it to the “Zen Dragons” comprising of Simon, Bozena and Stacie. 

Johnny said, “The Dragons Den was a lot of fun but the creativity on show was astounding. Watching these stylists in full creative mode is quite amazing to watch.”

Zen has further events Ambassador planned so follow their social media or visit their website to discover more.