Claire Sweeney Debuts Zen Luxury Hair Extensions

hcdh1Claire Sweeney is the latest celebrity to discover the hair extensions that are fast becoming one of the most popular in the UK. Known for its elite quality, natural feel and longevity, Zen Luxury Hair is the brand of choice for more and more individuals wanting a superior style transformation.

Claire debuted her new golden tresses at the Age UK Vitality ball on Thursday 4th June 2015. She wowed the crowds with her impressive post-baby body and a glamorous new makeover. Claire flaunted her new healthier-looking hair with a gently tousled style and teased-out waves.

To achieve her new look with Zen Luxury Hair, the Bookside beauty went to Stephanie Pollard at Chelsea Hair Studios in London. She wanted to maintain her shorter cut, but used Zen to add subtle volume and an extra touch of golden highlights to her hair.

Managing Director of Zen Hair UK, Johnny Yip, said “Claire Sweeney’s use of extensions shows how more and more women of all different ages are embracing extensions. Not only are they exclusively used by women in their teens and twenties who are experimenting with their styles, but they provide a manageable yet glamorous style choice for women starting a family or with a busy, career-orientated lifestyle.”