Design & Quality

Zen Luxury hair extensions are the mid-range and slightly heavier, with U-Tip hair weighing up to 0.8g per strand. The hair is double-drawn and made out of 100% virgin Remy hair. Fortified with the latest Keratin deep-conditioning process, which penetrates deep into the hair’s cortex to maintain ultimate hydration after colouring, the hair will stay beautifully soft and shiny even after extensive washing. For use with U-Tip, I-Tip, Nano I-Tip, Tape and Nano Weft Application processes.

Zen Hair uses a source guaranteed to be from 100% virgin hair. Our careful selection of the finest remy hair, together with the world’s most advanced processing techniques, ensures that the extensions perform exactly like your own hair. We guarantee the most natural wave, fullness, lustre and longevity of our virgin hair.

The raw materials we use are meticulously hand selected from the virgin hair, and we choose only the finest, healthiest and strongest hairs from that source.

U-Tip Application

Original Italian keratin pre-bonded U-Tips for fusion. One of the most popular methods used by hair extension professionals today. Stays in the hair for several months and is kind to hair as keratin is a natural protein component of human hair. Hair can be re-used at each service cycle by reattaching with keratin tips.

I-Tip Application

Original Italian keratin pre-bonded I-Tips for no-heat attachment with micro-rings. Tiny coated alloy rings are compressed around the hair for a comfortable secure attachment. Silicone lined rings also help to cushion the hair from any excessive pressure. Easily removable with a hand tool and re-attached with new micro-rings.  I-Tips can also be fused by melting the keratin bond.

Luxury Series NANO I-TIP

Nano I-Tip Application

Discreet and compact, our Nano I-Tips are fitted with our Nano Rings. The Nano I-Tips have a tiny, soft nylon polymer tip protruding from the top of the extensions. Minuscule coated alloy rings are then compressed around the hair for a plush, firm attachment. Easily removable with a hand tool and reattached with new Nano Rings, Nano I-Tips can be re-used multiple times throughout the lifespan of the hair. 

Tape Application

Fast becoming one of the most popular systems amongst professionals, due to the speed and versatility of the system. Hair is infused into a soft, thin and flexible polymer. It is pre-taped with a medical grade gel adhesive which adheres for 6-8 weeks. Simply position clients natural hair in between two pieces of tape and press together for a secure and comfortable fit. Lies seamlessly flat against the hair and is easily removable.

Nano Weft Application

A refined version of our Ultimate Weft, the Nano Weft has virtually invisible tracking that allows the hair to lay flat to the head. Polyurethane tracking prevents shedding when cutting down to size. Our Nano Weft can be sewn or fitted with micro rings allowing for a seamless blend, creating the most natural and luxurious results. 


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