Pure Series – I-Tip

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Product Description

Original Italian Keratin pre-bonded I-Tips for no-heat attachment with micro-rings. Tiny, coated alloy rings are compressed around the hair for a comfortable secure attachment. Silicone lined rings also help to cushion the hair from any excessive pressure. Easily removable with a hand tool, and re-attached with new micro-rings.  I-Tips can also be fused by melting the Keratin Bond.

Additional Information


COL.001, COL.001B, COL.002, COL.004, COL.006, COL.008, COL.010, COL.012, COL.014, COL.016, COL.018, COL.022, COL.024, COL.027, COL.027S, COL.030, COL.033, COL.060, COL.099J, COL.613, COL.1, COL.10, COL.12, COL.14, COL.16, COL.18, COL.1B, COL.2, COL.22, COL.24, COL.27, COL.27S, COL.30, COL.33, COL.4, COL.6, COL.60, COL.8, COL.88T27/10, COL.99J, COL.BLACK, COL.BLONDE, COL.BLUE, COL.BROWN, COL.DARK BLONDE, COL.DARK BROWN, COL.DUSTY PINK, COL.F30/6H, COL.F88/27, COL.FUXIA, COL.GREY, COL.LIGHT BROWN, COL.LILAC, COL.NEW PURPLE, COL.P10/22, COL.P130/F4, COL.P14.22, COL.P14/22, COL.P16.22, COL.P16/22, COL.P18.22, COL.P18/22, COL.P1B/33, COL.P21.27, COL.P21/27, COL.P25/32/30, COL.P27.613, COL.P27/613, COL.P30/33/31, COL.P479, COL.P6/10, COL.P6G/9G, COL.P826, COL.PALE BLUE, COL.PINK, COL.PT400.401.404, COL.RED, COL.T.DB3.PURPLE, COL.T18.22.60, COL.T18/22, COL.T1B.BLUE, COL.T1B.SILVER, COL.T400/BURG, COL.T401.12, COL.T401/12, COL.T402.27, COL.T402.404.18, COL.T402/27, COL.T403.DB3, COL.T403/DB3, COL.T405.613, COL.T405/613, COL.T8.18.60, COL.T88, COL.WINE RED, N/A


18″, 22″

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