Promoting You Extension Service

Having taken the plunge and invested in providing an extension service, how do you now maximise the opportunity and turn this investment into sizeable salon profits. Our Managing Director Johnny Yip gives a few simple top tips on making this service pay.


Johnny said, “There are a multitude of marketing activities that can promote your extension business but at Zen Hair, the fist thing we advise if possible, is to create a station where your extension business will run from. Make sure it is dressed with branded promotional material of your extension brand, team member training certificates, before and after shots etc. This is so that clients entering the salon can clearly see there is a new service available. This will spark interest and conversation with your clients within the salon.” Zen support their clients with a variety of Zen branded marketing and POS material.  



Johnny added, “We advise our new accounts to start with their existing client base. Even a simple e-mail or mailer promoting the new extension service can start the ball rolling, which will not only generate awareness but also a few client enquiries.” Johnny’s final simple tip is using social media. Johnny says, “With modern smart phones and social media, there has never been a more simple way to showcase your extension service. Before and after images are extremely popular, easy to create and share with your fans and followers.”