Removing Client’s Extensions The Right Way


To begin the removal process of your client’s hair extensions, you will need to section your client’s hair so that it is in a manageable condition. Using your fingers, feel for the top row around the top of the head, and section all of the hair that does not contain hair extensions, exposing all of the bonds beneath.


Removing Tape Extensions

connect-type-tapeTo remove tape extensions, we use an oil-based organic removal spray. To begin, spray into the edges of the tape and leave for a couple of minutes. Then peel open the tape and spray the oil into the middle, as this will still be fixed together. Leave for another couple of minutes until you can peel the tape bonds apart. Once all the extensions are removed, your client’s hair will be slightly oily, so we recommend that you clarify the hair.


Removing Pre-Bonded (U-Tip) Extensions

U tip

You will need a keratin remover spray to remove U-Tip extensions. Start by breaking the bond with a clamp so that the spray can penetrate into the keratin and start to dissolve and soften the bond. Once you have sprayed the bonds, wait five minutes, then the extensions will be able to slide easily out of the hair for a quick and fuss-free removal. If glue residue remains in the hair, you can purchase concentrated shampoos and conditioners that are designed to remove it.


Removing I-Tip Extensions

I tip

Using an extension remover clamp, simply place it around the tube ring and lightly squeeze it in the opposite direction until the ring releases the hair. This will allow the extensions to slide easily out of the hair.