Satisfy Your Clients Short-Term Needs

OMBRE TAPEGone are the days where clients would have to block out half a day to have their extensions fitted. The introduction of Tape Extensions, now one of the most popular fitting methods amongst stylists and clients, has cut application time in over half, meaning clients could have extensions fitted in the same time as it would to have their lunch break!

Our tape extensions, available in Zen Luxury series, offers clients a quick and versatile option to add semi-permanent length and body to their locks, which lasts between 6-8 weeks. The result is a more natural look and feel to traditional application methods.

The tape in method takes roughly between 30-40 minutes to apply a full head of extensions, whereas a full head of pre-bonded can take around two hours for even the most experienced stylists. The hair is presented infused into a soft, thin and flexible polymer and pre-taped with a medical grade gel adhesive.

Application couldn’t be simpler, position your clients natural hair in between two tape pieces and press together for a secure and comfortable finish. The tape pieces lie seamlessly flat against the hair, becoming completely undetectable. Removal is also a speedy process with tape extensions, usually taking up to 45 minutes to remove a full head again freeing up the time the client is in the chair. Depending on the condition of extensions after removal they can be re-used offering clients a financial incentive to try something new.

Salons across the world are discovering the benefits and endless possibilities of Zen Tape Extensions, so why don’t you?

“I simply adore the ease, speed of use and the effects I can offer my clients with Zen tape in extensions. The quality of the hair is gorgeous and versatile enough that I can cater to the varying lengths and colours needed for my everyday use on different clients. They are incredibly durable and create the luxuriant and plentiful tresses that my clients love and expect.”Stephanie Pollard, Chelsea Hair Studio. 

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