The easiest way to get the instant hottest luxury look

The Golden Globes were the talk of the world’s beauty columnists with the dresses and the tresses as much stars of the event as the people wearing them.

There were plenty to choose from but we’ve shown just two of our favourites from the night here ­– and the great news is that whatever your client’s hair length, style or colour, these lush looks are possible for everyone, with Zen luxury hair extensions.

Zen’s luxury tape extensions are a must on a big night out ­– your clients want peace of mind and the confidence to walk in without worrying about any badly timed bonding issues or frizz.

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Zen tape extensions will even give your clients the natural blonde curls of Katherine Heigl

Zen’s tape extensions come infused into a soft, thin and flexible polymer, which you press between layers of your client’s hair to create a seamless, natural look. It’s a quick and painless procedure and allows plenty of time for a coffee and a good chat meanwhile!

It goes without saying that we select only the most superior remy hair for Zen luxury extensions, so that smooth, silky look you see in these pictures, reflecting the paparazzi’s flash bulbs like a mirror, is what you can provide for your customers.

The vast colour range available with Zen luxury hair extensions means there will be a shade for everyone, however individual they look now, or want to look! You have a customer who fancies going green? Zen can provide! They fancy a spot of orange? No problem! Of course, more natural colours are the basis of our colour range and we are totally confident you and your customer will find an extension colour, or colours, to compliment and enhance their look with Zen luxury hair extensions.

Okay, so your client has carried it off on the big night. What now? Will their great hair stay great the morning after, the week after, even more than a month after the event? That’s where Zen luxury hair extensions’ expertise and care comes in. We source only the finest quality Virgin Hair, meaning it’s been looked after in a totally clean, natural way. 

Golden Globes Zen luxury hair tape extensions celebrity hair celeb red carpet Ultraviolence Maleficent

Lana Del Rey’s hair looks gorgeous and is a style you can easily have – and keep for weeks – with Zen tape extensions

We put the hair through the most sympathetic processing techniques to bring out the best in it. In fact, we’ve developed the most advanced techniques in the market, meaning Zen luxury hair extensions perform exactly like your own hair and they will retain their lustre, their sheen, their natural look day after day. It’s been said more than once at Zen HQ that our job is to ensure your client is still enjoying compliments about their new look weeks after their initial salon visit! We all know a happy customer means a repeat customer.

Pre-taped with a medical grade adhesive that is totally safe long-term, the bond with their natural hair should last for six to eight weeks if applied properly. Meanwhile they can style the hair and wash it like normal. 

Sounds too simple to be true? It’s really not! Zen luxury hair extensions won’t let your client down on the big night and they’ll be enjoying the extensions with carefree confidence for weeks to come.