Zen Hair hosted it’s September Regional Training Day to hair professionals located in and around Essex this past Monday at our Romford headquarters. The day was led by none other than our expert trainer Simon Stainton who gave the students an in depth review and demonstration of the products Zen Hair offers its clientele.

The students met in the morning and quickly jumped into gaining some knowledge of Zen Hair’s history and background. Did you know that our products are available in 42 different colours? Sourced from rural northern China, all of our hair is ethically sourced and earns its status as affordable luxury.

Attendees were guided through our Pure, Luxury, and Ultimate collections, soaking in every detail Simon had to mention. The students took this as an opportunity to seek personalised advice for which products were best suited to their client’s needs and desires.

After lunch, the students observed Simon apply extensions to a live model and then practiced application methods on each other.  Simon said, “I have perfected a really interactive extensions course for Zen and like to keep the day moving with a mix of teaching, demonstrating, guiding then monitoring.” He added, “My style is that education should be informative but fun and I find that students learn a lot better if they are relaxed and are enjoying what they are doing. The results speak for themselves.”

If you want to experience Zen Hair and all it has to offer, contact one of our representatives now at 01708 376482 or email For more information, see below.

So what’s a Training Day?

At Zen Hair, we believe that our extensions reach their biggest potential when our hair professionals gain expert knowledge about our product history, application, maintenance, and removal. That is why we offer certifications for professionals who have attended one of our training days. Led by our UK educator, Simon Stainton, attendees experience an entertaining mix of demonstrations and practical application across all of Zen’s product ranges.

The day starts with a classroom style brand presentation followed by a demonstration by Simon on a live model. Students are then invited to apply some extensions on themodeland on each other under the watchful guidance of Simon. This is an exclusive opportunity to pick up techniques and learn innovative ways to pave the way in our lucrative industry.

What’s in it for you?

A training day enables you to learn the ins and outs of Zen Hair products and lines. Our UK educator is there to answer any questions you may have and to offer expertise in a classroom setting with live demos. We offer you professional advice about how you can maximise the life of the extensions with detailed explanations of care and maintenance. You are also guided on how to conduct client consultations to ensure your client is aware of the commitment they are about to make and what it entails, ultimately providing the best possible service they can get. Attendees have the chance to get their hands on the product and learn the most efficient way of applying and removing the hair. We provide you with lunch and every student leaves with a Trade Account and Tool Kit in hand. Most importantly, trainees will obtain a “Zen Luxury Hair Extensions Certificate” to showcase to their clients that they have completed the Zen Hair extension course. 

How can you get in on the action?

Training days are offered across the UK and start at £200.00 per attendee depending on location and exclusivity. All of our training days include lunch and each student will receive a Trade Account and Tool Kit as well as a “Zen Luxury Hair Extensions Certificate”. Our Regional Training Day welcomes up to seven professionals a full day of training led by Simon Stainton at a location accessible to those in the regional area. We also offer one-to-one courses and one-to-salon courses. These can be held either in-house at our Romford office, or we can visit you in your respective salon. To discuss what best suits your needs, please contact our office by phone at 01708 376482 or email to speak with a member of our staff. We hope to see you soon!