Zen’s Student Training Day: A Cut Above The Rest

Last week we held a training day at West Kent College to teach both tape and hot fusionextension application systems to 12 students in hairdressing.

Using Zen extensions, these students were able to learn how to use one of the most popular extension systems amongst professionals in the industry.

They were introduced to the full Zen range whilst we coached them on the application process, maintenance guidelines and aftercare tips. We provided pre-bonded student kits so that they could master the skill of attaching tape extensions to the hair and unleash their creativity on mannequins.

The aspiring hairdressers learnt how to satisfy the highest of client expectations by skilfully creating a full-bodied, luscious look using the style enhancing powers of Zen.

All 12 students passed our training programme and are now certified Zen hair users!

How do tape extension’s work?Hair is presented infused into a soft, thin and flexible polymer. It is pre-taped with a medical grade gel adhesive, which adheres for 6-8 weeks. Simply position client’s natural hair in between two pieces of tape and press together for a secure and comfortable fit. Lies seamlessly flat against the hair and is easily removable.