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Zen is Ten!

Zen Luxury Extensions is celebrating its tenth anniversary

Today is the 14th February 2024 and Zen Luxury Extensions is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. As we all know, it is also Valentines’ Day, which is quite fitting as Zen has become one of the best loved professional hair extensions brands!

Launched in 2014, when the UK was flooded with professional hair extensions brands, Zen’s mission was the same then as it is now, “Get a 100% satisfaction response and delighted clients first time and every-time!” This mission statement has seen Zen steadily grow when other brands failed and now as they celebrate 10 years, they are firmly at the forefront of the UK and International hair extensions markets

Zen models

Johnny Yip, MD of Zen said, “When we launched Zen our primary focus was on the performance of our hair. We knew if we could not only provide but guarantee the performance of different ranges of extremely high quality 100% virgin human hair extensions, then UK hairdressers would feel extremely confident to use them on their clients.” He added, “It is this focus that has grown the Zen brand to where it is today.”

Innovation Timeline

Zen Luxury Series +

During this 10 years, Zen has been driving new innovation both in hair extension products, application systems, aftercare products, accessories and training. When Zen began they launched with three ranges, Zen Pure, Zen Luxury and Zen Ultimate series, these series have really stood the test of time. They came in U-Tip, I-Tip and Tape applications. Always eager to improve on their products and supply superior quality hair, in 2022 Zen launched the LS+ range to replace the Luxury series. Zen were also early innovators and it was back in early 2015 when they launch their Perfect Secrets Tape application method which is still a firm favourite today. Never sitting still Zen launched a complete range of Extensions Aftercare products in 2016, joined forces with US Giant Max Adhesives for their removal solution and re-tapes in 2020 and launched new application tools along with Nano I-Tips and Nano Wefts in 2021. And to celebrate 10 years there is a new launch coming next month…

It’s Showtime

Since launching Zen has been a consistent presence at many of the major industry shows and exhibitions. A regular at shows like Salon International and Pro Hair but also attended Hair UK, Pro Beauty Ireland and Poland Hair Fair. Zen was the first extension brand to display their extensions on the infamous display counter, allowing hairdressers to not only feel and touch the quality of the extensions first hand, but also to see the full range of colours in all their magnificent glory.

The Zen Exhibition Display Counter

Zen has also been involved in London Fashion Week to the Hair Cup in Finland to regional events like Essex Hairdressers. Most recently they also supported the Fellowships Project Extend as a main brand sponsor in 2023. Projects and Events Manager Kelly Sainty says, “We are always keen to have a full schedule of events, exhibitions, shows and photoshoots in the diary. All of these activities allow us to showcase the Zen brand and its products to a wide range of industry professionals.” She added, “Not only does this drive sales and open new accounts but we also get approached by International distributors looking for successful brands to take on in their own countries.”

Zen International

Zen Training in Sweden

Zen has built a very solid foundation in the UK since launching in 2014. This success has lead to the opening of new territories around the world. These include Poland, Ireland, Sweden, Jordan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Greece, France, Germany, Iceland and most recently Romania and the USA. There are already another 3 countries who’s launch is imminent having already made initial orders.

The Zen Family

One of the strengths that has made Zen sustain the test of time, even during lockdown, is the fabulous people working in the Zen business. Johnny has created a culture within Zen that empowers the staff to take responsibility for their roles and every voice is heard. This inclusive culture has meant that the majority of staff have been part of this 10 year journey and are still fully entrenched in the business determined to drive future successes. This culture also extends to all the regular supporters of the brand like trainers, stylists, show staff, brand ambassadors and International distributors. Johnny said, “It really is a family feel with Zen. We work very hard and therefore we can enjoy the downtime together too, which we often do.”

Some of the Zen Family

2024 Onwards

Johnny said, “In 2024 we have a major new product launch, new International distributors and new shows and events in the diary. We look forward with excitement and enthusiasm to not only this year but the next ten years and beyond.” He added, “I want to thank everyone involved with the Zen brand and look forward to our continued relationships moving forward.”

Watch highlights of Zen's journey...


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