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Zen Luxury Extensions Welcomes Adrian Nita as Exclusive Distributor in Romania

Zen Hair's New Romanian Distributor

Zen Luxury Extensions, proudly announces the appointment of Mr. Adrian Nita as their exclusive distributor in Romania. This strategic move reinforces Zen's commitment to expanding its global reach and ensuring excellent representation in the Romanian market.

Adrian Nita, a seasoned professional with a proven track record in the hair industry, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: "Joining forces with Zen Luxury Extensions is an exciting opportunity. I am confident that together, we can elevate the standard of hair extensions in Romania and provide stylists with unparalleled quality and innovation.”

Johnny Yip, Managing Director of Zen Luxury Extensions, shared his optimism about the collaboration: "Adrian Nita brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the Romanian market. We believe his passion for excellence aligns perfectly with Zen's commitment to delivering premium products and education globally.”

The their recent ‘training-the-trainers’ trip to Romania, conducted from November 27th to 29th, was the real start for Zen Luxury Extensions Romania. Located in the picturesque town of Brasov, nestled in the beautiful mountains of Transylvania, the training led by UK Educator Simon Stainton, was aimed at the Romanian Trainers to become leaders in Zen hair extension techniques.

The lead trainers are Alessandra Dumitru and Adrian Colesniuc who are extremely experienced hairdressers and run a leading high profile salon in Romania. Along with their team of 8 stylists, they successfully undertook an intensive program. The training covered the full  range of Zen's signature techniques, including U-Tips, Nano-Tips, I-Tips, Tape Hair, and Weft application.

The training not only focused on technical expertise but also included a cultural touch, with a team dinner at a traditional Romanian restaurant, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. Adrian commented on the training experience: "Zen's commitment to education is truly commendable. The training not only sharpened our technical skills but also inspired us to push the boundaries of creativity. I am eager to bring this knowledge to the salons across Romania."

Zen Luxury Extensions continues to uphold its reputation as a growing leader in the hair extensions industry, and with Adrian Nita as their distributor in Romania, the brand looks forward to making waves in the local hair salon scene.


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