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How To - Clip In's

  • Start by preparing your natural hair.

  • Section off your first section of hair and clip back.

  • Back comb the section of hair that you are planning to attach the clip piece to.

  • Attach the clip-in to the root of the backcomb and snap the clip in the opposite direction so it is secure in the head.

  • Unclip your sectioned hair to check you are happy with how the extension is sitting.

  • Repeat this for each clip in until you achieve your desired look.

  • Finish by styling.

How To - Ponytail

  • Prepare your natural hair by styling into a small bun or ponytail.

  • Attach the ponytail by using the slide attachment and placing over your own hair, then secure with the Velcro wrap around the base (Make sure to pull the Velcro wrap tight so the pony doesn’t loosen).

  • Finish by securing the wrap with a bobby pin.

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