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Zen’s Ergonomic 90° Tape Extension Pliers

Zen is pleased to introduce their Ergonomic 90° Tape Extension Pliers, which will deliver the perfect seal, every time.

When it comes to tape extensions, the 3 most common causes of application slippage are:

1. Too much client hair between the tapes

2. Hair conditioner residue still on the clients hair

3. Uneven finger pressure sealing the tapes

Johnny Yip, Zen’s MD said, “The first 2 causes of extension slippage are easily rectified through experience, training and good practice. However the third is not so easy to master, especially when applying up to 30 tapes per head.”

He added, “When you also consider a busy extensionist may have 5 to 8 clients to apply, then the applications have to be perfect up to 240 times per day!”

Zen’s Ergonomic 90° Tape Extension Pliers are designed to be the perfect size to match 4 x 1cm tape size extensions and with their soft silicon pads, apply even and strong pressure to create the perfect bond.

The pliers are also designed with the head offset at 90°, which saves the extensionist from having their wrists permanently bent in a 90° angle to apply the extensions.

Available in rose-gold or black with easy-grip sparkly silicon handles, Zen’s Ergonomic 90° Tape Extension Pliers are the must have kit-bag accessory for any extensionist who applies tape extensions. You can purchase Zen’s Ergonomic 90° Tape Extension Pliers on the Zen App or on the website by clicking HERE.

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