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Zen Luxury Extensions is delighted to announce that their exciting new Zen Luxury Series+ extensions range is now available in Nano I-Tips.

Zen Luxury+ Nano I-Tips

The new Zen Luxury Series+ has been an amazing addition to the Zen extensions range, proving extremely popular with both hairdressers and their clients. As an upgrade on the current Zen Luxury Series, it gives clients the option of enhanced quality with increased weight of hair, thereby increasing the density of hair. This is achieved by including healthier, younger baby cuticle hair as seen in the Zen Ultimate Series, for increased longevity. Johnny Yip, Zen’s Managing Director says, “Zen Luxury Series+ has already surpassed our expectations in terms of demand and sales so we are really excited that we can now offer the Zen Luxury Series+ with Nano I-Tips as an application method.”

Nano I-Tip Range Includes: 18” - I-tip increased from 0.6g/strand to 0.7g /strand

22” - I-Tip increased from 0.9g/strand to 1.0g /strand

The Zen Luxury Series+ range now comes with eco-friendly packaging that is 99.9% recyclable. The packaging is both stylish and environmentally conscious, designed for easier salon storage in flat boxes. There is simpler access to the extensions with an easy glide pull draw, while protecting the hair and keeping it application ready.

Running alongside the Zen Luxury Series, the new Zen Luxury Series+ is also available in Tape application at 14”, 18” and 22” lengths and Perfect Secrets application (Injected Tape) at 18” length. It is also available in a Zen Luxury Series+ Nano Weft which is 36” wide and 18” in length.

Along with the current popular colours, the new Zen Luxury Series+ features 10 fabulous new colours including balayage mixes and ashier versions of some of their original colours.

Nano I-Tip RETAIL PRICE from

18” - £52 +Vat - pack of 50 strands

22” - £100 +Vat - pack of 50 strands

20% discount off these prices for Trade Account holders.

For more information please click HERE or visit the Zen App.


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