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Zen Luxury Extensions Expands LS+ Range with I-Tip & U-Tip Application Methods

Zen Hair LS+ Extensions

Zen Luxury Extensions, is excited to announce a groundbreaking expansion to their celebrated Zen Luxury Series+ range.

Following the successful launch of the Zen Luxury Series+, the brand now introduces two new application systems: I-Tip and U-Tip to expand the range’s application methods. Showcased at this year’s Salon International, these cutting-edge extensions are set to transform the way your clients will experience hair extensions.

Zen Luxury Series+ has set new standards in the industry since its launch in November 2022. It has quickly become synonymous with quality, longevity, and innovation, and now, Zen takes it a step further with the addition of I-Tip and U-Tip application systems.

Zen Hair 18" LS+ U-Tip Extensions

Key Information on the New LS+ I-Tip & U-Tip Extensions:

  • Available in 18” and 22” lengths, providing versatility for your clients’ hair styling needs.

  • A rich selection of 44 vibrant colours to choose from, (with the exception of Grey or Pink).

  • Enhanced strand density:

    • 18” Extensions boast 0.7g per strand, providing a balanced and natural feel.

    • For those who crave even more, the 22” extensions offer an impressive 1.0g per strand, giving you luxurious, voluminous hair.

Zen Hair 22" LS+ I-Tip Hair Extensions

These innovative I-Tip and U-Tip extensions, like the rest of the LS+ range, feature baby cuticle hair for a natural, healthy look. The improved density and weight of the hair ensure that your clients experience the same high quality that Zen Luxury Extensions is known for.

Johnny Yip, Zen's Managing Director, comments, "The introduction of I-Tip and U-Tip extensions to our LS+ range is a natural evolution of our commitment to providing customers with exceptional hair extensions solutions. We believe in offering a comprehensive range of options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our clients.”

The Zen Luxury Series+ range features our eye-catching designed, eco-friendly packaging, which is 99.9% recyclable. The packing is designed for easier salon storage in sturdy flat high quality square boxes. There is easier access to the extensions with easy glide pull draw, while protecting the hair and keeping it application ready.

I-Tip prices start from £52.00 U-Tip prices start from £58.00

To explore the new LS+ I-Tip and U-Tip extensions ranges and experience the Zen Luxury Series+ difference, visit Zen Luxury Series+ or look on the Zen App


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