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A Roaring Success at Professional Beauty Ireland!

Zen Stand at Professional Beauty Ireland 2024

Zen Luxury Hair, a leading provider of premium hair extensions, recently made a splash across the Irish Sea, participating in the prestigious Professional Beauty Ireland trade show. Held at the RDS Exhibition Centre in Dublin on 21st & 22nd April, leading the charge was Bozena Sarek, our Zen Luxury Hair Ireland distributor, and her dedicated team. They were further bolstered by the enthusiastic support of Zen UK's top team of Kelly, Beth, Simon, and Stacie – who flew in to lend their expertise and share the Zen magic with Irish stylists.

A Standout Showcase

The Zen Luxury Hair stand was a captivating sight, adorned with stunning displays of hair extensions that exemplified the brand's commitment to quality and variety. Visiting hairdressers were treated to a visual feast of textures, lengths, and colours, each meticulously arranged and displayed in Zen's renowned style, to encourage touch and feel whilst inspiring creativity.

Beyond the Look, Expertise on Display

The Zen team wasn't just there to present a pretty picture; they were there to share their knowledge and skills. Bozena and her team expertly performed fittings for both tape-in and clip-in extensions, demonstrating the versatility of Zen's products and their ability to cater to a wide range of client desires.

Serene Collection

The Serene Collection Captivates Dublin

A major highlight was the unveiling of the brand new SERENE Collection. This exquisite range of clip in ponytails and clip in extensions, generated considerable buzz amongst the audience. Zen stylists conducted live demonstrations showcasing the seamless blending and luxurious feel of these new clip in extensions, leaving hairstylists eager to get their hands on them.

A New Dawn for Zen in Ireland

The growing popularity of Zen Luxury Hair amongst Irish salons was evident at the show. Previously, many salons purchased directly from Zen's UK headquarters, facing a wait of several days for courier deliveries. However, this process became more complex after Brexit, with additional customs paperwork and duties adding a layer of inconvenience.

Bozena, as the Zen Luxury Hair Ireland distributor, is thrilled with the partnership: "We're delighted to be Zen's authorised stockist here in Ireland. Holding the full range of Zen products allows us to offer the same trusted online experience our Irish clients have come to expect from Zen's UK website, but with an Irish twist." She added, "Jack, from Zen UK, has been instrumental in setting up this localised platform for us."

This streamlined process empowers Irish clients to conveniently "buy direct" and enjoy the convenience of speedy next-day deliveries in many cases.

Bozena and Simon at Pro Beauty Ireland 24

A Collaborative Triumph

The Professional Beauty Ireland trade show was an unqualified success for Zen Luxury Hair. The combined efforts of Bozena and her team, coupled with the unwavering support of the Zen UK team, resulted in a captivating showcase of the brand's ranges.

With an established local distributor and a user-friendly online platform, Zen Luxury Hair is poised for further growth in the Irish market, empowering hair extension enthusiasts to elevate their craft and treat their clients to the unparalleled luxury of Zen extensions.

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