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Zen PRO Colour Ring

Hot on the heels of the launch of their Zen Luxury Series+

extensions range, Zen Luxury Extensions announced the the introduction of their new Zen PRO Colour Ring for 2023 featuring larger tape sized swatches for

effortless colour matching.

The new Zen PRO Colour Ring showcases the current 46 available colours

but unlike the previous colour ring, this new PRO Colour Ring displays the swatches in 12 inch lengths, using a flat 4cm wide polyurethane tab to allow stylists and extentionists

perfect colour matching.

Zen PRO Colour Ring

Johnny Yip, Zen’s Managing Director says, “The new Zen PRO Colour Ring is an exciting evolution on the previous Zen Colour Ring as we created it following feedback from our

clients. The old colour ring was great and can still be used but being in a smaller bunch meant hairdressers needed to splay the hair sample in order to colour match. The new Zen PRO Colour Ring now comes like a full tape extension so is ideal to lay on the clients head for colour matching showcasing new colour options .”

The new Zen PRO Colour Ring includes the 36 universal colours across the zen ranges along with 10 exclusive colours from the new Zen Luxury Series+ extensions range. You can view the Zen PRO Colour Ring HERE or purchase on the Zen App.

Any purchase of the Zen PRO Colour Ring opens a Zen Hair Trade Account.


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