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Have You Tried Zen's Perfect Secrets Tape Extensions?

Have You Tried Zen's Perfect Secrets Tape Extensions?

Tape extensions are one of the most popular application methods, thanks to its speedy application time and easy removal process. It is still one of the most popular application methods that Zen Hair supplies, however have you tried Zen's revolutionary PERFECT SECRETS tape extensions? As a leading professional hair extensions brand Zen was the first in the market to innovate normal tape extensions by offering a virtually invisible attachment, which is called PERFECT SECRETS.

Our own hair naturally grows outwards from the scalp, which is why Zen developed the PERFECT SECRETS extensions tape application, which mimics the appearance of hair root growth, blending seamlessly into hair and looks virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Perfect Secrets Hair Extensions

PERFECT SECRETS is Zen’s finest selection of baby cuticle hair is individually hand tied into into a soft, thin and flexible polymer, which is then pre-taped with a medical grade gel adhesive that adheres for 6-8 weeks.

Available exclusively in Zen’s Ultimate and Luxury+ series, PERFECT SECRETS delivers the same outstanding performance that stylists and clients have come to know of the original tape extensions, whilst offering the most invisible application and superior quality hair for the most natural look yet. When carefully maintained, the extensions can

last for over one year with regular refitting appointments.

PERFECT SECRETS are great for those who already love the look and feel of Zen Luxury Tape Extensions, but want longer lasting, superior quality extensions, or for those with finer or lighter hair. Standard tape is easily detectable within finer or lighter hair but PERFECT SECRETS introduces a clear polymer which against skin or hair becomes

invisible, camouflaging into the scalp.

Perfect Secrets hair extensions

You can order PERFECT SECRETS online or through the Zen App.


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